Gary's Musings

The Craft of Spindrift

Comstock's simple epiphany;

Quietly siting his harmonious homes, as if planted before the forest matured around them

The enigmatic boughs of cryptic Cypress crawling and drooping the roof line

Organic are its elements…. a modern day Tor house…. stone, fire, wood and water

The antidote for sheets of steel and glass and the cold concrete mass of Meunning’s Big Sur bungalows

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Clear Day Carmel Bay

Today, there are no unwieldy Pelicans standing idled;

One legged, Yoga like, on the sea-worn pier post before me

The big brown birds have taken to the vibrant sky to feed and fly

Single-file they trace a languid wavering line over the sixth hole at Pebble

A silhouette of Mother Earth’s deepest green against a cadmium clear aquamarine

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