Gary's Musings



When my grandchildren’s children

Return from an enchanting Big Sur excursion

Freshly imbibed by its stupendous natural beauty

And they cross the half barreled vertigo expanse

Over Bixby Creek north to the Carmel Highlands

Down the winding narrow gauges of Spindrift Road

Round the corner just past Ansel Adams’ place

They will be greeted by a timeworn capsule 

A Sea-etched Citadel

With its enchanting contorted crop of ancient Cypress and storybook homes

And they will feel the love that meticulously hung the hand hewn timber frame and fashioned its caressing stones!


As Maddox was to Jeffers’ Tor House; 

On the Tor’s of Carmel Point         

Issac was the lead mason at ‘Vickeridge’;

On the precipitous promontories of Spindrift


For many years he toiled from dawn to dusk giving each stone its purposeful fit

The mastery of his trade worthy of Hiram Abiff

I quite simply,

In the parlance of ancient Freemason’s,

His clumsy Fellowcraft

Yet together we gave rise to these enduring structures that grace the granite sea cliffs of Spindrift

And somewhere within the confines of the stacked grit and sarsen

Countless emotions and unspoken words inevitably flood the observer

As the ethos and aura of this place seeps forth from the mortar seams


And to the fore of this sturdy fortress

Constant toil… the nemesis in disguise

An army of waves violently and abruptly end their lives

Smashing against resolute vertical sheer walls

While…. safely perched above the parapet

Standing in as Issac’s unifying bohemian signature

Chimneys parade as rudimentary battlements

Their alternating crenellations and jagged spired merlons 

Encircling each other like medieval soldiers

Emulating the King’s crown

Or the ruins of sea torn castles forlorn 


And if one seeks peace from the frenetic waters persistent reverb

Enter….the inner sanctum

Where thick walls dissipate decibels of shore and Sea

Into the realm of calm

And the scratch of a wooden match

Across the ochre skin of the lichened hearth

Gives life to fire

Embracing the dry tender kindling with a vengeance

Its brilliant effulgence casting a sepias glow

Across the basaltic back of the outsized sooted fire-box

Framed by the cap of a massive mantle

Completely worthy of Gideon’s calcified Iguanodon slab

And selected to honor the girth and dimension of its ten ton hearthstone