Gary's Musings

Jay Day

On an aimless course through the Old-Growth, down to the silver turquoise Sea

I sighted a Steller Jay today, at Nepenthe


Its tail of cadmium blue being strut,

Against the silhouette of a cobalt Coast

Fading plume, graying Mohawk, suggesting beauty wanes

Yet, chic crown did boast

Reminding all who spy her, she‘s regal, she reigns!


All too suddenly my frenetic feathered companion spooked and fluttered away

And as I watched it lift and gracefully glide the coastal Canyon thermals

It was as if flame touched tissue mâché, in unison with the waft of a wispy sea breeze

And all my weighty thoughts dissipated


Yet on this day, the Isle-of-no-care would only yield temporary surcease to my longings

As this eloquent creature had purposely and most pointedly glared and stared me down

It's penetrating avian eye reflecting back the temptress gaze of my Muse, my would-be lover

Piercing a hole in my soul and reminding me that my heart would never belong to another


And as the next fawning fleeting moment pass me by

I am re-ensconced in the beauty of her flirtatious eyes    

And while a lovers embrace, may suggest implausible odds 

In this all too transient instant, I am starved for her!


For she has become the emotional soul stroke of Wyeth’s tempura

My own Helga, to tug and torment my heart and loins

As if curve, and hip, and flesh, lie before me on a rainy sultry afternoon    (my palette)