Gary's Musings

The Forest Fantasia

Stokowski was not deaf, nor Disney blind, when they set music to image so sublime in the forest Fantasia….

And fitting it seems,

That my first step into this surrealistic scene

Invokes the lust imbibed by the Rites of Spring

As sacrificial young maidens circle in the reverie of the Khovorod;

On the stage of Théâtre des Champs-Élysées

Where I succumb to the ritualistic Danse de la terre

As bark and limbs blush all about me;

With the euphoria of Trentepohlia Aurea


For I kneel in the dappled shadows of an ancient Cypress Grove

And feel the rhapsodic agony of contorted branches eerily betrothed

Where intermittent rays rappel and pierce the canopy

Tagging the forest floor with a dense spiritual light

As if bestowed by the sanctified scepter of a Carmelite sprite

Igniting the all of Allan's Grove ablaze

In an alchemist haze of Culprite and Copper

While the psalms and spells of the silent Sisters echo gently through the forest


And the seminal curves of the Cypress limbs before me:

Interweave wild in sensual silhouettes

Summoning my spirits restless soul;

In the midst of Diaghilev's Russian ballet,

During the full-blooms of Paris in May